The Importance of Cooperation

Dr. Cardarelli working at the lab

Dr. Cardarelli working at the lab

The estimated time determined to complete each patient's treatment plan can depend on several of or all of the following:

  • A patient's growth - or lack of growth
  • The rate at which a patient's teeth will move
  • The severity of the patient's problem
  • Most important of all - the patient's cooperation.

The orthodontist creates an environment in which the patient treats himself/herself. The orthodontist provides the "battle plan", but the patient is the one who makes it work by following it. Success requires good, intelligent planning by the orthodontist, and a commitment by the patient to make the treatment work.

The following patient responsibilities are key to obtaining a successful treatment result:

  • Wearing removable appliances and auxiliaries as directed
  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene
  • Refraining from eating certain foods
  • Keeping regularly scheduled appointments
The success of treatment depends largely on you - the patient.
Dr. Cardarelli working at the lab