(Temporary Anchorage Devices)

Dr. Cardarelli is trained in the placement of the newly developed mini screws to help in orthodontic tooth movement and we will now be offering this new technology to our patients.

Tiny titanium screws, about twice the size of an eyeglass screw, have been developed to act as anchor devices to assist in difficult tooth movements. They are called TADS (temporary anchorage devices). They are placed into the dental bone and pulled against to allow the orthodontist to provide accurate, precise movements that we have been unable to do in the past.

Frequently they can be used to avoid tooth removal or even jaw surgery that would have been required prior to TADS. When no longer needed, they are simply unscrewed and discarded.

This leading edge technology gives us the ability to treat the most complicated orthodontic cases, often without surgical assistance... something we have been incapable of accomplishing in the past.