"Visiting Dr. Cardarelli's office is always a pleasurable experience, and worth the drive from Newburyport. The office staff is both friendly and professional. Dr. Cardarelli takes a lot of pride in his office and values making sure his patients have a positive experience from start to finish. My daughter was having a painful canker sore and could not eat. Dr. Cardarelli kept his office open during his lunch hour to treat her. It is this kind of caring, compassion and attention to detail that sets him above other clinicians in our area. I do not hesitate to recommend him to my own patients.

~Dr. Michelle LaFlamme

"From the wonderful ladies at the front desk to the chairside assistants everyone really is happy to see you there. I always felt like I was coming home! Now let's get to the man himself. The man who I fly 250 miles to see! Dr. Joseph Cardarelli. He is so wonderful! He explained every step of the process. I had a lot of questions for him and he answered every single question without hesitation and was happy to do so! Clearly this man loves what he does! I am an actress and I traveled all the way from New York City for Dr. Cardarelli because he is that good! People always say to me "Wow you have an incredible smile!" I know the man to thank for that. It's Dr. Cardarelli hands down!"


"As a practicing Dental Hygienist for 32 years, I had the pleasure of working 15 of those years for a local Haverhill practice. As a general practice we saw a lot of orthodontic patients that were being treated throughout the Merrimack Valley. It didn't take long for me to distinguish one of Dr. Cardarelli's patients without even looking at the chart. As difficult as some of the cases were that we referred to him, he still left his trademark broad, gleaming smile.
Professionally, I found his correspondence to the referring doctor to be impeccable; I always knew exactly where the patient was during treatment with him. I always appreciated his honest assessment of each individual. Later, when it was time for my own children to get braces (I knew exactly where I was going to send them) I found him to be as equally communicative with me as a mother. He makes a point to speak with you personally every appointment. That was the biggest complaint from my patients about other orthodontists in the area, that they never saw the Doctor after the initial consult. His entire treatment plan and financial arrangements are all spelled out very clearly before you start. It has been 7 years since my son had his braces off. He's a junior in college. Recently, he lost his retainers at school and needed to replace them. As soon as he entered the office, he was treated as a long lost friend and as for me I felt like I've made an everlasting friend. I now practice in Newton, Massachusetts and still refer patients to his practice when the opportunity arises. Even if he isn't close, I think he's worth the trip! With Eternal Gratitude to a professional guy and his fabulous staff."

~Susan M

"Yes... As good as it gets. Any dental professional in the Northern Mass/Southern NH area will tell you that if you need orthodontic assistance, Dr. Cardarelli is without peer. His ability to be proactive in addressing orthodontic issues, as well as his vast experience, truly set him above the other professionals in this field. Despite the fact that he's got a battery of very pleasant and well trained assistants, he also makes sure to supervise each and every visit and treatment of every patient. The administrative staff is outgoing, professional and efficient and does a great job in complementing the clinical services provided at this practice. Our first child had gone to another orthodontist who practiced in the Andover/North Andover area, and we were not satisfied with the end result. However, the experience that we've had here at this practice for the subsequent orthodontic patients in our family has been nothing short of excellent. Orthodontic treatment is a pricey endeavor so it pays to make sure that the procedures and treatments that you go through will be the best. And the expertise provided by Dr. Cardarelli fits the bill. Can't recommend him enough."


"My braces are off!! Needless to say, I am very excited and over the moon with the results, especially since I had one of my middle lower front teeth removed. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff were incredible. From the beginning they were first and foremost highly professional, as well as, kind, caring, nurturing and ever so accommodating not to mention extremely efficient. I can tell from visits to the office, and interactions with everyone there, that the work environment is fulfilling and satisfying for all. All the more reason to choose Dr. Cardarelli's practice! While I won't miss my braces, I will miss the amazing staff that makes Dr. Cardarelli's practice the number one choice for excellent treatment and results"

~Kate Kenny

"I would like to send a big sincere thank you for doing such a great job on Kristin's teeth. She really looks beautiful. It is hard to believe Gary and I were in your office 25 years ago and you were working your magic on our teeth. It was your talent, professionalism and great smile that made it an obvious choice to bring our daughter Kristin to you. After all those years we are even more impressed at the way you run your practice and the results of your hard work. I must also give a shout out to Linda. It makes a huge difference to me as a parent and to Kristin as a patient to be greeted by someone like Linda who is always happy and smiling and knows our names as soon as we walk in. She is one in a million. Thanks again for all that you did. You and your staff set the bar very high for a quality orthodontic office. Keep up the great work for another 25 years."

~Jill Williams

"Dr. Cardarelli's office is the best! I had braces myself as a teenager and loved my orthodontist, but my son was a patient of Dr. Cardarelli's and loved him more. Everyone in the office is always smiling and very friendly. Dr. C explained everything in English so that we knew what was happening. I was very shocked that Dr. C called the night my son had his braces put on to see how he was doing... and gave me his cell number for any issues. Very few doctors care anymore like he does. LOVE HIM!"

~Michelle Gosselin

"Dr. Cardarelli and his team are the best team I have had the pleasure of knowing. When I went to Dr. Cardarelli for a consult I was sure I would never be able to afford braces. He was the last one on my list and so I went just to prove to myself that it couldn't be done, I had already gone to other Orthodontists and they would not help me unless I gave a really big down payment. His staff are like a family, they have gone far and beyond to help me, from day one they made me feel special. Dr. Cardarelli, thank you and your team for giving me a smile back. You are truly unique!"

~Elizabeth Arce

"Great place, nice people and he does fantastic work. He did my braces 27+ years ago (he hasn't aged at all) and when I learned my kids were going to need braces I immediately knew who I was taking them to. You can't go wrong choosing him!"

~Michelle Cook

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are the best! I really looked around and found no match! Thank you so much for always going the extra mile to make sure my son has the best care."

~Maureen Pena

"Thank you, Dr. Cardarelli, for your excellence in Orthodontics! Your expertise, combined with a dedicated office team, comprise the full scope of professionalism, friendly interpersonal skills, and business management. My son and I have been truly blessed to have you develop and implement a dental alignment plan for him. I am truly amazed that however busy, when we would call for you to check on a concern, my son would be seen that very day! I will always remember appreciatively your impeccable skills of orthodontics coupled with flexibility in payment. Haverhill is fortunate to have your presence in our community. Best wishes and thanks for your kind support. Nathan's teeth look awesome!"

~Nancy Bernard

"Thanks Dr. Cardarelli for leaving the mouthguard for Matthew taped to your office door!! Awesome weekend service!! You're the best and so is your staff!!"

~Nancy Alter-German

"Dr. Cardarelli and his incredible staff have been keeping my smile picture perfect since 1993! They even invented new procedures to adjust my bite. They are an office that's always ahead of the curve and always looking to make the patient's experience a good one!"

~Lucy Miller

"I can't say enough about Dr. Cardarelli and everyone in the office. He has not only helped me tremendously with my son but also did an amazing job on my smile. Many thanks to you, Dr. Cardarelli!"

~Sharon Wilson

"Very grateful for such a caring and kind Dr. Cardarelli and lovely staff. Thank you for the beautiful job you did on Brianna's teeth and saving my broken tooth. You are the BEST!"

~Christine MacEachern

"It's always such a pleasure coming to your office. Dr. Cardarelli, you always take the time to help with any problems my children are having and to explain things in a way that I can understand. I am really thankful that you are taking the time to take care of Joe's situation. Joe feels better about the upcoming surgery and so do we, just knowing you're involved. You have no idea just how grateful we are. Your staff is also terrific!...very caring and kind and always very helpful. Many thanks to everyone!!"

~Lisa Brown

"Thank you Dr. Cardarelli and team for helping me through this long journey towards my surgery. You guys are so kind and I'm proud to call you my orthodontist! Braces round two here I come!"

~Erin Hagerty

"Dr. Cardarelli and his team are fantastic!!! They were great for me and they are doing a wonderful job with my son!! Thank you all!!"

~Nancy Alter-German

"Just got my braces on...couldn't be happier!! Thank you so much to Dr. Cardarelli and his amazing team!!! The atmosphere in your office is so warm and inviting...great people!!!"

~Jamie Lattime

"Dr. Cardarelli is definitely at the forefront of orthodontics. He is truly a connoisseur in his profession. He is meticulous in his business. His staff is also wonderful and very friendly. Without a doubt, he is a cut above!"

~Molly K

"Dr. Joseph A. Cardarelli and his fantastic crew are nothing short of amazing!!!"

~Jeremy Hayman

"Best orthodontist ever! We love Dr. Cardarelli's office! Thanks for making our teeth perfect!"

~The W family

"Congratulations to Dr. Cardarelli for being chosen one of Boston's Top Doc's...we always knew it....but it's an honor to be recognized by your peers. You should be very proud of your accomplishments and all the people you have given a beautiful smile!"

~Linda Edney

"Truly a professional orthodontist who treats his patients like family! Along with his fantastic team, they are honest, respectful and will do everything they can to get you that perfect smile!"

~Dan Cormier

"Thank you for your professional service and very pleasant friendly and supportive staff!"

~Selma Suarez

"TopDoc, you are the BEST! Your assistants are AWESOME! What a terrific crew of people you all are!"

~Jane Trott

"You should have 7 million likes on Facebook... You are all awesome at what you do....no matter what kind of day you gals are having you have a smile and the greatest attitude. Dr. Cardarelli is the bomb...he was my orthodontist as a child too when he was just starting out."

~Holly Roche

"I'm extremely happy with my teeth - they look awesome. You and the girls did a great job and made me feel comfortable every time I came in. Thanks again..."

~Sean Mullen

"Thank you Dr. Cardarelli for a beautiful smile! I had my braces taken off eight years ago, and upon my return for a recent checkup, Dr. Cardarelli and staff not only remembered who I was but were very helpful and caring!"

~Kristen L

"This is the best orthodontist around. The nicest guy out there. He knows how to take care of his patients very well and his staff are some of the best hard working employees around... and they all know how to make you feel welcome."

~Chris Seferilis

"I strongly recommend Dr. Joseph Cardarelli and his team. I personally think he is the best in the area. Dr. Cardarelli and his assistants are very experienced professionals. Their expertise and attention to details are amazing. The atmosphere in the office is fantastic too. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The interior of Dr. Cardarelli's office is very original and unique as well. Your child will love it! Go and check it out."

~Eva Kennedy

"My teeth were quite crooked when I came to Dr. Cardarelli to get braces a third time. My bite was very open on the right side of my mouth and I had quite the overbite again. I was quite the challenge I guess. I was happy not to have to have those metal rings that go over your molars and instead he glued the brackets to my teeth. Currently my teeth are beautifully straight and I am wearing elastics to pull my bite closed on my right side. I should have my braces off by the end of the year. Dr. Cardarelli is awesome!"

~Dianne Purves

"I just had my braces removed and must say Cardarelli's Orthodontic unit of Haverhill, MA promised beautiful results and delivered within the time frame that was foretold. If Davinci and Nostradamus had a child they would have named it Cardarelli Thank you very much!!"

~Carl Vasquez

"I can't say enough about Dr. Cardarelli and his amazing staff!! Our family has been going there for the past 14 years! The transformation of my children's teeth was incredible and they always looked forward to going to their appointments. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience for me and my children!"

~Michele K

"My experiences with Dr. Cardarelli's office always involved consistent, professional quality care for my daughter. The staff was welcoming, pleasant, professional and very easy to work with. The Doctor has a very approachable and easy going manor. He walked us through the process explaining and educating each step of the way. I have strongly recommended Dr. Cardarelli to friends/family and will continue to do so. A great experience!"

~Jim Queenan

"Hey Doc =) My surgery was a success! Just wanted to say how thankful I am for being your patient! This would not have been possible without you I really can't say how grateful I am. I've been waiting so long for this to happen and you and your staff have always been so kind and supportive. I look forward to coming in and showing off my new improved bite! See you soon! =)"

~Erin Hagerty

"If anybody has a child with special needs or fear of (ortho) dentists... I would highly recommend them to Dr. Carderelli! He is my second orthodontist after the first one "gave up" on my daughter! Thanks Dr. Cardarelli!"

~Suzanne Steinberg

"Thank you Dr. Cardarelli for the kindness you and your office showed me as a teen and again to my two girls who love going to you! You went above and beyond to make sure things were going as planned. Aleigha is so excited to finally have her braces off! She has such a beautiful smile. Thanks again and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you in the years to come with my boys :)"

~Cassandra Raymond

"My children recently began treatment with Dr. Cardarelli and the experience has been wonderful! The entire staff has been very accommodating and pleasant and Dr. Cardarelli could not be sweeter! The office itself is beautiful and my children especially enjoy the ability to watch DVD's and play X-Box in the game room. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone considering orthodontics."

~Alice Atkinson

"I would like to thank Dr. Cardarelli and his awesome staff for the great job they did with Samantha's teeth. She was a challenging case which we weren't sure if she could have perfect teeth because of where her eye teeth were located. Dr. Cardarelli suggested surgery and we were hesitant. We did have the surgery after he encouraged us it would be ok. Dr. Cardarelli then followed up with his orthodontic expertise and Samantha's teeth came out better than we expected... they were perfect! Thank you again!"

~Michelle Lalumiere

"Dr. Cardarelli, Thank you so much for the most amazing smile. What a transformation!! I still can't believe the before and after shots! You are the Master Orthodontist!! I also want to thank all your staff for putting on a happy face for me every time I walked into your office. They were all such a pleasure to be with and were very knowledgeable and professional at all times. (Shout out to all the girls!) :) Thanks again!"

~Rebecca Veilleux

"After signing on with Dr. Cardarelli a little over 3 years ago, we are still very happy customers to this day. His staff is very professional and courteous - they have a warm presence about them and they're always in a good mood... Always. As an adult, when I first had my braces put on, it felt very strange and I felt self conscious of them. I kept telling myself it would all be worth it and before I knew it, they were off and my teeth were straight. Having a beautiful smile can really make someone look and feel amazing and confident. I am so glad I did it! My daughter is not afraid to smile now, she too has enjoyed being a patient here. The overall experience here has been five stars! I will continue to endorse Dr. Cardarelli for his perfection and committed expertise he gives to each and every patient, young and old. Thanks again, you're the best!"

~Tricia Pierce

"I'm always getting compliments on my teeth, and that's all thanks to you guys!!! I always look forward to going because everyone is so nice and welcoming there!!!!! I don't want to get my braces off because I love going to my orthodontist appointments!!"

~Emily L

"Dr. Cardarelli, great to see you again, it's been a long time! Thank you for seeing Zachary - it's his turn now!! He thought your office was the coolest place he has ever been with the XBOX game room and TV headsets and all the different colored chairs. It's been years since Jessica and Shawna had their braces done and they have beautiful smiles. Thanks again!"

~Tina Maglio

"Best place to get braces and the nicest people. Thank you for my beautiful smile and straight teeth - they look awesome!!"

~Paige C

"By far THE BEST Orthodontist!!! Dr. Cardarelli has treated my whole family and I highly recommend him!!! He is truly caring, sincere and always has his patients' best interests at heart. The staff is amazing and his office is very cool, state of the art and kid friendly. ;) A big thanks to you all for my beautiful smile!"

~Megan C

"I recently had my braces removed. Being an adult I was not sure what to expect during the visits and the practice exceeded my expectations, which are listed below:
  • Mainly due to Dr. Cardarelli, his calm, always upbeat, and communication style. All my questions were answered and expectations were set before any procedure began.
  • The staff was always upbeat and friendly.
  • Appointment times were flexible and average wait time was ten minutes.
  • As an adult, exams were done in a private area of the room.
  • Most of all I would recommend Dr. Cardarelli to anybody, especially adults."

~Noa Benjamin

"Excellent orthodontist! Had braces when I was a teenager in a different state and recently had Invisalign with Dr. Cardarelli. That was in 2009 and they've stayed perfect ever since. Fantastic doctor, staff and office environment. I'd highly recommend!"

~Meagan W

"This is the best orthodontist in the area. I had gotten my braces here ten years ago, and never had any problems. I had to go back the other day, and was really happy to recognize most of the staff after all these years. Everyone there is always so pleasant. The place is always clean, and you can't get bored. He has a tv for every chair with headphones to listen to which is really cool. Dr. Cardarelli always has a smile for you, and does amazing work! Highly recommended!!"

~Hannah Cloutier

"If it wasn't for you I'd be missing my front tooth, but instead I now have perfect teeth! Thank you for saving my smile. I appreciate it so much. You and your staff are great!!!"

~Samantha Bolduc

"Thanks so much for making Sam's teeth look perfect. We are so happy with the results! Wish we came to you from the start! You and your office staff are awesome! :)"

~Christine Bolduc

"I am very excited that I got my braces off today! I am so happy with the results! Thank you so much for everything you did for me Dr. Cardarelli! I am very pleased with my new smile! You have a lovely staff that is always so kind! Once again thank you so much for everything!"

~Isabela Peixoto

"Best orthodontist in the world by far! He and his staff are truly caring and make sure you come out of their office with a beautiful smile!"

~Bianca Melis

"Dr. Cardarelli's office is gorgeous and his staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Cardarelli is experienced which is why I trust him to keep my smile looking fabulous...otherwise I wouldn't go to him when I am in town from Orlando!! He just made me a new set of retainers to correct some shifting since I had my braces about 23 years ago! :)"

~Carol Swanburg

"I want to begin by saying "Thank you" to Dr. Cardarelli and his wonderful staff for everything. Five years or so ago, I was referred to Dr. Cardarelli by a close friend of mine. I went for a consult with my oldest daughter. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew that this was the place for my family. I felt immediate comfort. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff were caring, thoughtful and explained in every detail of the necessary treatment.
When it was time to talk about the cost of the orthodontic work, I was very worried. After talking to the staff, I realized that there was nothing to worry about. The payments were what I could afford, and what worked for my budget and my family. From that day forward, whether it was a phone call or in person my questions were answered and I always felt like my children were top priority.
I have sent countless referrals to Dr. Cardarelli, because I want people to feel what I have felt for the last five years. My daughter and some of Dr. Cardarelli's patients happen to be on the same traveling U14 softball team. Dr. Cardarelli has always been supportive for what these children have done. My youngest daughter just got her braces off, and her smile is beautiful. Again, I want to thank you now and always for the most wonderful experience that we have ever encountered."

~Amanda Correia

"Our daughter felt very comfortable whenever she was at the office for her appointments. This, of course, made us have the trust and confidence we needed to have her orthodontic work done at Dr. Cardarelli's office."

~Denise & Tom C

"Words can't describe how happy I am with my smile and words can't describe how great of an orthodontist you are!! Thank you so much for everything!!! Anyone looking for an orthodontist, Dr. Cardarelli and Staff are the best!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!"

~Jared Zenga

"Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Cardarelli and his awesome staff today... can't say enough wonderful things about the experience. They made my daughter feel so at ease with the whole process!! I would highly recommend anyone in need of any orthodontics just come and meet them... you won't regret it!"

~Karen H

"Steve and I wanted to send a message thanking you, Dr. Cardarelli, and the entire staff for the great care and attention shown to Erica and Brandon through their journey with braces. It really could not have gone any better.
Starting with our very first visit to the office we experienced nothing but the highest level of service. From receiving a personal and friendly greeting at check-in, to the follow up calls to our home that first day the braces were put on, to the meetings with the doctor and assistants giving updates on what was done at each visit. You never leave the office feeling like you're just another appointment on the calendar.
This week someone mentioned to me how beautiful Brandon's teeth are and said her daughter may need braces. I told her Brandon was a patient of Dr. Cardarelli. I could not say enough good things about our experience and that I highly recommend his services. Thank you again for everything!"

~Patricia Erelli

"I would recommend this place to everyone. The staff is very kind and helpful and the doctor is a really cool guy. They made my crooked teeth look great! Thank you!"

~Jonathan Tilden

"Thanks to Dr. Cardarelli and his friendly staff! As an adult who had braces as a teenager, Dr. Cardarelli has helped me maintain and improve my smile with some great new retainers! :)"

~Kristen C

"When Dr. Cardarelli looked inside my mouth and told me he could save my tooth and I wouldn't need to have a bridge, (I really didn't like the sound of a bridge in my mouth ~I prefer real teeth!), I made the decision to have braces. I now have a nice new eye tooth, I no longer have an overbite and my crooked teeth were straightened out as well! I am so happy that my tooth was saved and now ALL my teeth are looking great. I'm SO glad I didn't go the other route and get a bridge to replace my baby tooth. Thank you, Dr. Cardarelli, thank you!! And thanks to the wonderful staff also ~ I enjoyed going in for my adjustments because everyone was so pleasantly upbeat and took good care of me!"

~Michele Cronin

"As a patient of long standing, I'd like to express my deep appreciation of your care, the competence of the office staff and the result of your work. I am an "adult" patient who was skeptical to say the least that my smile could be fixed without having several teeth removed and/or having to wear braces for several years. I wore full braces for one year and I smile more than I ever have in my entire lifetime. Dr. Cardarelli is so kind and always made me feel like I was an individual...not just a patient. He is so caring and kind. He always remembers the small things to make me feel comfortable. It's now over five years since my braces were removed and I still smile with confidence and I have Dr. Cardarelli to thank for it. I wear my retainers nightly and return to Dr. Cardarelli every so often for an adjustment. But I love my smile and I would recommend him to all that seek the confidence a great smile can bring. As a side note, Dr. Cardarelli's office staff is outstanding. They made the whole process easy and helped me through the insurance, and payment process. It was easy, non-stressful and the office group was completely accommodating. While hosting my 13 year old niece for a summer holiday, her braces needed emergency adjusting and Dr. Cardarelli came to the rescue. Not only did he see her in a pinch but didn't charge us for the visit! Now that's what I call great customer service. I'll never use any other Orthodontist. No other Doctor matches his care. Thank you for all that you do."

~Christine Amarillo

"Hello Dr. Cardarelli! I would like to thank you for being so good to my daughter. She was very nervous and worried about getting braces, but after she saw you she has been very excited to start the process. I would like to thank you for being so nice and comforting with her. I would highly recommend my friends to your practice. THANK YOU!"

~Aracely Lopez

"Thank you to Dr. Cardarelli for the superb care and orthodontic treatment for my two daughters. My older daughter now has perfect teeth and a beautiful smile, while my younger daughter is still working through the process. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are always so kind, helpful, friendly, courteous and professional. In addition to the wonderful service, the office is clean and beautiful, and the fees are reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli to anyone considering orthodontic treatment."

~Marie Della Paolera

"Dr. Cardarelli, you did it! After being told by another doctor that Toria would need 2-4 adult teeth taken out in order to make room in her mouth, you worked your magic and created a beautiful smile without any extractions. We couldn't be happier! We'll miss seeing you & your staff regularly! Thank you!"

~Kelly Martin

"This is a testimonial for Dr. Cardarelli and his staff. I am 20 years old and I have been missing my front tooth since I was eight. I've been in and out of dentist's offices since then, so I have a lot of experience with dentists. Dr. Cardarelli was hands down the most friendly, understanding, professional, and most importantly caring, of all the dentists I have ever had working on me. I had braces put on my senior year of high school and got them off about a month ago. This obviously wasn't the age I wanted to have braces put on but everyone at Dr. Cardarelli's office made me feel alright about it. The doctor and his staff assured me that when I got them off it would be worth all the trouble I had gone through all the years. After getting my braces off and finally having an implant placed, I can honestly say that it was worth the wait and the trouble of having braces. I couldn't be happier with how the process concluded thanks to Dr. Cardarelli and his staff, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to have braces put on. Thanks again everyone!"

~Brett Passameto

"I met Dr. Cardarelli in my early twenties. I had braces through another orthodontist as a kid and my teeth didn't turn out nearly as nice as I had hoped. Several friends recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Cardarelli to see if he could "fix" the problem. Within moments of meeting with him, I truly believed he was going to make my teeth perfect, and he did! I was so impressed with his work that I encouraged my husband to have Dr. Cardarelli put braces on his teeth. My husband agreed and the results were absolutely amazing! Dr. Cardarelli has the nicest, most friendly staff you would ever want to deal with when making appointments or meeting with them to discuss payments. If you are looking for the BEST treatment, you have found it in Dr. Cardarelli and his staff!"

~Katie Granville

"We would just like to thank Dr. Cardarelli, and the entire office/staff there for a truly great experience! From the start, meeting with Dr. Cardarelli, we found him to be competent, experienced, personable and completely flexible with our needs and what we wanted to accomplish. What was really outstanding was that his estimation of what work would be involved for our son, braces, time lines, things to expect, etc, were completely accurate! The process went exactly according to what he said would happen and the time line estimates were remarkable. The office staff was excellent working with our insurance situation and budgeting the payments in an affordable manner. A relative recommended Dr. Cardarelli to us since they had a very good experience, and I am so glad we used him. We would recommend Dr. Cardarelli without hesitation. Thank you again for everything!"

~Tom & Pam Kazes

"As for Dr Cardarelli, what can I say. He has helped Emma unbelievably with her self esteem! After the "Other" orthodontist gave up on her because she (supposedly) "wasn't following his orders" we had no idea where to go. I called a few orthodontists who listened to my story about how she was on the autism spectrum with learning disabilities and has had a fear of doctors since she was little and they said they would not take on another doctor's patient (she was no longer "his" patient, he gave up on her!) But when I called Dr. Cardarelli's office I saw a light. I went in to meet with him and he immediately continued on with her orthodontic treatment and went above and beyond. He worked patiently with her, giving her praise when she did good at brushing and gave her tips when she needed to work at it a little bit more. He worked with me hand and hand in getting her braces done and lining up an oral surgeon to provide the added surgery she needed to make sure she looked beautiful. Not just any oral surgeon, one he knew would work well with Emma and her inabilities. It has been worth every dime and Dr. Cardarelli made it painless (for me at least, can't speak for Emma LOL!) Emma is going to miss her visits and will definitely want to stop by on occasion to see Dr. Cardarelli. She has gotten very attached to him."

~Sue Steinberg

"Dr. Cardarelli has the nicest office, the best office staff who all make it fun to be there. Nice flat screens so you can watch your favorite tv show during your visit, and he is by far the best orthodontist in Massachusetts. He even called me later on that night to see how I was doing and gave me his personal cell phone # to call him whenever I felt discomfort or had a question. Top quality service! Top quality staff! Top quality Orthodontist! I highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli for all ages. I even got a nice T-shirt that I will be rocking at the gym and out and about."

~Mike Connolly

"I was referred to Dr. Cardarelli by my dentist with regard to my lower teeth because one tooth was severely out of line with all my lower teeth. I am 65 years of age and I really didn't think that anything could be done to correct my situation at my age. It has been a year since Dr. Cardarelli and his excellent team put braces on my bottom teeth - they were removed just a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed at how straight my teeth are now and I don't have a snaggletooth sticking into my lower lip anymore. The pictures that they took and shared with me and my dentist truly show the difference in my smile. This orthodontia work even corrected a gap that I had in the middle of my top teeth. I really want to thank everyone at this office - especially Dr. Cardarelli - you are all excellent and you make a wonderful team. I would recommend anyone to your office for braces. Thank you."

~Donna Bouchard

"My daughter and I were both patients of Dr. Cardarelli. I was most impressed with how professional Dr. Cardarelli and his office staff have been. We were always greeted warmly, and everyone makes you feel like they genuinely care. Getting appointments was never a problem, and the offices are beautiful and very comfortable. I cannot say enough about their service and we are both extremely happy with the end results! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cardarelli... his service is the best! Keep up the great work!"

~Angela and Gabriella Giadone

"Absolutely goes above and beyond for his patients. If you want not only an excellent Orthodontist that treats you amazing and does the job right but a confidant that will take the time out of his busy day to help you in any way he can, look no further. The best Orthodontist, hands down."

~Amanda D'Andrea

"I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was that you not only called that evening to check on Andrew, but that you also asked to talk to him personally to check up on him. Thank you!"

~Kim Costanzo Potvin

"We want to thank Dr. Cardarelli, Dr. Stathis, and Dr. Lantelme for their quick action to save my sons 4 front teeth. Our son got hit in the mouth with a bat when he was playing baseball. His 4 front teeth fell out but his braces helped to keep 3 of them in his mouth and the 4th was actually found in the grass. His braces had been scheduled to come off within 2 weeks! Dr. Cardarelli and Dr. Stathis worked together to reinsert the tooth and adjust his braces to secure the other 3 teeth. Dr. Lantelme then performed root canals once the teeth had been set. It has been 4 years since the accident and my son is out of his braces and his teeth are secure. He is able to play trumpet in the Jazz Band at college without the worry of his teeth becoming loose. This would not be possible if it was not for the great work of Dr.Cardarelli, Dr.Stathis and Dr. Lantelme. Thank You So Much for saving our sons teeth!"

~The Wood Family

"I felt self-conscious inquiring about braces at my age (50+) but Dr. Cardarelli and his personable, professional, and friendly staff soon put me at ease. Of course, the best part is that the plan he laid out yielded EXACTLY the results he promised. I am one HAPPY customer."

~Andrea Coursey

"We would like to thank you for everything you have done for our family. We have been through so much with Joseph due to his cleft lip and palate and you really made our life so much easier. It has been so wonderful not having to go into Children's Hospital to deal with Joe's braces and we owe that to you. You took the time throughout two sets of braces to keep in constant communication with Joe's doctors in Boston and to handle whatever needed to be done. You went out of your way to help us especially when Joe had become frustrated with the dentistry department in Boston and did not want any more dental work done there. Thank you for being so patient with Joe. Your wonderful staff always knew what to do and say to make things better for him and was fantastic, always ready to lend a helping hand. When my daughter needed braces, she was excited to get them. I think she wanted her turn in the game room. We really owe a big Thank You to Linda in the office. Whenever we had a scheduling conflict and called her, she went out of her way to help us. She is friendly, compassionate, and just a truly remarkable person. I think an office manager is vitally important because she is the first face you see when you walk in the office. She was always smiling, friendly, and kind and made our appointment that much more pleasant. Linda is most definitely an asset to your office. We appreciate everything you have done for us! Thank you really does not seem like enough."

~David, Lisa, Joseph and Ashley Brown

"Having orthodontic treatment at age 32 seemed daunting. After many years of embarrassment and shame, Dr. Cardarelli and his wonderful team determined a treatment plan that was affordable and sensitive to my apprehension of having braces as an adult. Also, as a transfer patient, Dr. Cardarelli provided exceptional and compassionate care and took time to explain why his plan would fulfill my needs. His dedication to creating a beautiful smile allowed me to have more confidence in my professional career as well as share the true joy I feel in my heart. Thank you Dr. Cardarelli and team!"

~Stephanie Perkins, MT-BC, CAEd, CDP, CDCM

"Many years ago you agreed to letting my daughter, Heather, have her braces early. She's 27 now and getting married in September! She was always so thankful for all that you did and the kindness that you showed her. To this day, people always comment on her beautiful smile. Now she will be a beautiful bride........ I'm sure I thanked you then and I'd like to thank you now for giving her that smile!"

~Jean Walker

"I have found Dr. Cardarelli's office to be a very welcoming atmosphere and friendly, knowledgeable staff. After completing orthodontic treatment for my three sons, I can testify to the exceptional quality of care provided by Dr. Cardarelli and his professional team. They truly deliver what they promise. The pleasing outcome of results was met with excellence of the highest level!"

~Sandy Macdonald

"Dr. Cardarelli and his entire staff are awesome! I first had the pleasure of going to Dr. Cardarelli when I was about 12 years old and after two years of braces I was left with perfect teeth, a set of retainers and the hopes of never having to go through that again. As amazing as the people are in Dr. Cardarelli's office, no one wants braces...Well, fast forward to about 15 years later and I found myself back in Dr. Cardarelli's office getting a consult for new retainers. I had lost them at some point in college and had started to notice my teeth shifting so I came back to the only place I trusted. I was nervous that he was going to tell me that I needed braces again but instead he got me new retainers and said that moving my teeth back would be no problem at all. This news was well worth the drive up from Boston! In less than a year, I am now happy with how my teeth look again and am getting more compliments on my smile than ever. : ) Thank you, Dr. Cardarelli for once again making my teeth perfect and for making a trip to the orthodontist as comfortable and painless as possible. Thank you to everyone else in the office for being so kind, friendly and helpful and for remembering me after all those years! You guys are the BEST!"

~ Mariel Muir

"All four of my children were treated by Dr. Cardarelli and his staff in recent years. My older two were seen in 2007 and 2008, and my younger two just got their braces off in December. Not only do all my kids have gorgeous, healthy smiles to last a lifetime, but their confidence and self-esteem were positively affected, too. Dr. Cardarelli is the best orthodontist in the area, and his staff is courteous, helpful and professional. This practice earns thumbs up all-around, from the Cyr Crew!"

~Mary O'neil Cyr

"Dr. Joseph A. Cardarelli & Staff are Amazing!! They Welcomed my family with open arms. Excellent Service, Professional & Very Reasonable, they work with you. My first impression when I came into the facility, was WOW!! If you want the Best, I Highly Recommend anyone requiring Orthodontic Services to come to Dr. Cardarelli and Staff. The Only Choice!! THANK YOU!!:)"

~ Fulvio Leo Cabrera

"Both of my children have been treated by Dr. Cardarelli. Everyone on the team made the experiences worthwhile and as enjoyable as possible. Service, with a *smile*."

~Samantha Millett

"Dr. Cardarelli is a fabulous orthodontist! My daughter just got her braces off and has a gorgeous smile now. When she began treatment, Dr. Cardarelli estimated 18 months which is exactly how long it took! His office staff are always so pleasant and helpful. Thank you so much!"

~Christina Cina

"So happy to have found an orthodontist we can trust! We've heard great things about your skill, but more importantly for this family, honesty and integrity are paramount! We've finally found the right place :)"

~Amy Carter

"I am very happy my cousin Connie referred us to Dr. Cardarelli's office. My daughter loves it there, her braces are finally off and her teeth look awesome! The office is beautiful - I love going there and most of all, the staff are the nicest people we have ever met!!"

~Elizabeth Frye

"I wanted to take this opportunity to send you a HUGE thank you. I finally have my new veneers!! It couldn't have happened without your help. You went above and beyond for me, and I can't thank you enough for giving me my smile back. I hope to come in soon and say hello and show you the finished product. Again, thank you SO MUCH! You Rock!!"

~Amanda D'Andrea

"Dr. Cardarelli did such an amazing job with my son's teeth - they are perfect! The before and after pictures are incredible! Thank you so much Dr. Cardarelli and all the wonderful staff - everyone there helped so much and were always so kind!"

~Tina O'Rourke

"Thank you for calling Natasha the other night to check in on her. We really appreciated that follow up call."

~Janice Richard

"Thank you for the wonderful outcome on our son Nicolas' teeth. After years under your care his teeth are now beautiful! Nic admits his teeth look great and he's even received compliments from girls at school! Knowing that we were in for numerous years of treatment caused us concern at first. But your staff put together a payment plan that was structured to our needs and was very much appreciated. We'd also like to compliment you on putting together such a fine office and clinical staff. At every appointment, phone call and query, they have been professional, informative and available to answer all our questions. Please pass our thanks and appreciation onto all for everything that's been done for Nicolas. You have a well run, professional practice."

~Mary Kay, Richard and Nicolas Bianchi

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are the very best! They are professional, approachable and really care. Always taking the time to answer any questions my daughter and I had. They made what she thought would be an unpleasant experience completely the opposite! My daughter liked Dr. Cardarelli and his staff very much and her teeth are just beautiful!! We couldn't have asked for a better experience or better results! You are the BEST! Thanks so much Dr. Cardarelli and staff!! :)"

~Christine Woodside

"We cannot say enough positive things about the experience that our children Connor and Gina have had when going through their time with braces at Dr. Cardarelli's. The staff maintains top notch professionalism while making you feel that you are part of the Cardarelli family. Everyone greets you with a smile from the minute you walk in until it is time to go. The office environment is set up to put your child at ease in a place where a child might be a little apprehensive to say the least. We love the fact that Dr. Cardarelli makes it a point to come and speak with everyone at the end of every visit."

~Gordon and Maureen Whitford

"I've been going to Dr. Cardarelli since my oldest daughter was 5. She had some extensive issues with her teeth so we started young with orthodonture. As soon as her braces were off, her brothers went on and the same with my youngest daughter. As soon as his were done, her's went on. It is now 16 years later and the last of my children's braces are off. Her teeth are absolutely gorgeous!! As are my other two children's! An amazing job and a comfortable environment!!! Highly recommended!!!!"

~Christine Frascone

"Dr. Cardarelli does first rate work. He had to correct work done on my son by another orthodontist and now he has a dazzling smile without the spaces between his front teeth. I was smarter the second time and took my daughter to Dr. Cardarelli from the start. He provides excellent quality care and connects with the kids while also keeping the parents informed. His staff is extremely professional and accommodating. I highly recommend this practice."

~Linda Caloni Farr

"Thank you to Dr. Cardarelli and his amazing staff for all that you did yesterday while Paul was getting his braces on! This experience was wonderful; the staff is kind, flexible and helpful. Paul felt extra special when the Doctor gave him a personal call in the evening to check up on him, it meant a lot :) Thank you all again!"

~Erin Simintis Sadek

"I wanted to send along a big "Thank You" to both you and your outstanding team within your office. Trevor has been a patient of yours since March 2005 and his transformation from before and after is truly remarkable. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work as well as the "White Gloves" treatment given to my kids by your hard working, dedicated and loyal staff. He truly has a much bigger smile, all thanks to you! You have taken care of both of my children and I'm truly thankful for the calls and support you have provided them along the way. You are truly a master at your work!!"

~Michael Tardif

"Highly recommended by many of our friends and parents of our childrens' friends. We found the care and communication by the office staff excellent. At the very beginning you are greeted warmly, given a tour of the office and introduced to many of the staff. An information package is given to you reiterating the conversation with Dr. Cardarelli, outlining the care recommended for your child, the duration of the procedure(s) and your payment schedule. Linda, the Office Manager, was very informative and streamlined the whole insurance and payment process, working with us on a payment schedule that suited our family. Each question was answered and reviewed. For parents new to the process this was very important - having two children being simultaneously treated with slightly different oral needs, this was fantastic! The children were given a time frame as to when their braces would be removed...with a 2-3 month window. The Dr. was right on! In less than 2 years, my children's teeth are straight and beautiful, with all teeth having descended! The staff was right there with us, guiding the children on the proper care of their teeth during the process, chastising them when necessary, and communicating any concerns. The kids are very happy with their new smiles and even said it was "all worth it!" My daughter's dentist's remark? "Her smile is stunning!" We couldn't agree more! Thank you Dr. Cardarelli and please pass our gratitude onto your wonderful staff, too!"

~Jeanne and Michael Kramer

"Dr. Cardarelli and his office staff (including front and back) are AWESOME! Everyone is very professional. It is a breath of fresh air to walk into an office with ladies at the front desk who have a smile on their face. It says a lot about how the staff work together as a whole. My daughter was very pleased with the care she received from the assistants. She stated they were very caring and nice with her. Lastly, Dr. Cadarelli is a gem. It is obvious that Dr. Cardarelli loves what he does. It shows in the care he gives to his patients and how he interacts with the parents. Thanks for everything!"

~Dana Abdennour

"Dr. Cardarelli worked miracles on my son's orthodontic issues. Not only did my son have issues with his teeth being crooked, he also had significant skeletal issues with his jaw. Dr. Cardarelli gave my son something to smile about! Dr. Cardarelli was thoughtful with his diagnosis and made sure we understood in full my son's treatments from beginning to end. My son just had his braces removed, not only are his teeth perfectly straight, but his entire jaw and facial structure have been corrected. He looks amazing! Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are organized, friendly, caring and efficient, and always took the time to answer all our questions or to accommodate any requests. Dr. Cardarelli's office was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend him."

~Lisa Valcich

"I would like to say that my visits to Dr. Cardarelli's office have been a wonderful experience!! My first visit was last spring when at age 76. I met Dr. Cardarelli to talk about being fitted for braces!! He was so up-beat and assured me that everything would work out fine!! I also found his assistants to be wonderful and extremely competent; putting me very much at ease. Dr. Cardarelli and all his staff have been so pleasant. I really look forward to all my appointments."

~Bev Canepa

"As a child, I had braces for 7 years with another orthodontist; needless to say, my mouth was a project. As an adult, my teeth had shifted back into cross-bite and I was suffering from terrible migraine headaches. Dr. Cardarelli accomplished in 15 months what I didn't think would be possible. My smile is better now than it ever was growing up, my bite is aligned, and the migraines are gone!! I could not be happier with the outcome!"

~Amy Morgan

"My 2 boys have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Cardarelli and his staff! They were both provided with excellent orthodontic care in a friendly and professional environment. I am delighted with the results. The staff is very friendly and helpful and always very accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli for all your orthodontic needs."

~ Kristen Shirley

"My braces are gone and my smile is beautiful. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff have taken care of me for the past thirteen months, and I look forward to the extended care I'll receive as they monitor my progress after braces. I know that adult orthodontic treatment can be unpredictable. However, Dr. Cardarelli's team corrected my crowded teeth and aligned my bite with positive results. His staff is a professional and caring group of individuals who kept me informed and comfortable during my orthodontic treatment. If you're thinking about improving your smile, please consult Dr. Cardarelli. I did, and I'm thrilled with the outcome."

~Patti Romano

"I have not seen an office run like this EVER!!! The office staff is friendly, caring, courteous, flexible, patient, and know your kid and their personal orthodontic story. They are on-it, that is on any problem or concern that you may have. The office is immaculate, interesting and fun!! Very colorful with seasonal displays. There is a large waiting room TV playing informative content, along with a huge hand-hooked "Ferrari" rug on one wall. Obviously Dr. Cardarelli loves Ferraris!! Inside the epi-center is the treatment room with individual treatment spaces sectioned off in special colors which coordinate with the colorful rug on the floor. These sections are kid-friendly with personal TVs at each station. All fully individualized to get the orthodontic job done. The orthodontic staff is beyond well-trained and detail-oriented. They care about each case, work well individually and as a team. I left the best for last....The icing on the cake is Dr. Cardarelli. He is relaxed, knowledgeable, honest, flexible, beyond professional and ever-present. If an orthodontic technician needs his expertise he is right there to provide his personal touch. The prices here are very competitive. There is no reason to go anywhere else to get your orthodontic needs met. Come here for your orthodontic treatment and you will leave with a very happy smile."

~Sheree Pollock

"We chose Dr. Cardarelli because my daughter had an unusual case. Dr. Cardarelli was confident that he could treat her, and get good results. He did just that. He did not rush the treatment and was careful and conservative with all of the work that had to be done. My daughter's treatment is complete now. She looks great. Her teeth are perfect, and I give Dr. Cardarelli the credit for doing such a good job. The office is lovely, comfortable, and the staff is the best."

~Mary Petry

"I can't say enough about my experience with Dr. Cardarelli and his wonderful staff. My son and I both had braces put on around the same time. They would schedule our appointments together to help make things easier for me. They also fit us in on short notice when we needed them. They are very patient and always willing to answer any questions I would have. I also was seeing a Periodontist at the same time to fix my gums . Dr. Cardarelli did a great job keeping in touch with my Periodontist and working around my treatments. Dr. Cardarelli has an amazing staff! Always friendly and helpful! Before seeing Dr. Cardarelli I was very uncomfortable when I would smile because my teeth were so bad. Thanks to Dr. Cardarelli and his staff I am very happy with my smile! The alignment of my son's teeth looks amazing! I am so glad we went to Dr. Cardarelli!"

~Debbie Devlin

"What a wonderful surprise for me when Will came home from his most recent ortho visit and his braces were off! His smile is beyond beautiful now. I cannot believe how quick and effective treatment was. (And I feel like his two top front teeth are so much safer now, tucked neatly away where they should be!) My husband and I are amazed at the difference your treatment has made for Will. He has loved the entire process, as have we. Thank you so much for making Will comfortable at your office; he is a shy, quiet guy and you and your entire staff have known just how to treat him. My husband and I were immensely grateful for your extreme flexibility in your billing. Also, we are so appreciative of your flexibility in scheduling appointments. It was never difficult to find a time that worked well for us - even for all the unplanned "fixes" that we had to come in for. (Will was so tough on his dental gear!!) And boy were we all surprised the first time you called us at home to check on Will when his braces were put on and you gave us your cell phone number in case we ever needed it. We never knew how handy your cell phone would be until the night we really needed it. Will had managed to break a wire on his braces and we were adjusting things in his mouth, trying to keep him comfortable until we could see you on a Monday; on Saturday night, at 10 p.m., right before Christmas, in the middle of a Nor'easter, you were reachable by cell phone and beyond understanding of our situation. I am still amazed that you met us at your office in the middle of a true New England snowstorm to help Will out. We will always be grateful for that. The entire office has such a positive attitude, we wouldn't (and don't!) hesitate to recommend you for orthodontic treatment. Thank you so much, Dr. Cardarelli!"

~Kaela and Jim Hennessey

"Thanks for a wonderful orthodontic experience! It's hard to believe that just two years ago, I had a mouth full of crooked teeth. Now I have a perfect smile that I get compliments on all the time! Thanks to Dr. Cardarelli and staff, the braces process was quick and everyone in the office was always extremely friendly and helpful! The atmosphere is always cheerful, and my teeth (which were once sticking out in every direction) are straighter than I had imagined they could be. I've had a great experience and would recommend Dr. Cardarelli to anyone!"

~Lauren Hajec

"Braces." Not a word that excites an adolescent or his parents. However, if a parent and child can find an orthodontist who is a talented, caring, and charismatic perfectionist, then choosing braces and a beautiful smile becomes an easy decision. Meeting Dr. Joseph Cardarelli made braces an easy decision for both my daughter and son. I met Dr. Cardarelli in 2007 following a glowing, professional recommendation. My daughter's experience began that year followed by my son's in 2011. Since our first meeting, I have remained completely impressed by Dr. Cardarelli's expertise, professional yet approachable style, and his upbeat interaction with my children. Additionally, at every appointment, he has taken the time to give me a personal update on my child's progress. I continue to be equally impressed by Dr. Cardarelli's team that operates seamlessly with a smile, an eagerness to make "braces" meld easily into our lives, and a genuine interest in my children. The office itself completes the positive experience with a kaleidoscope of color and kid friendly technology. When selecting an orthodontist for my children, I did not recognize the level of artistry that dovetails with the technical aspects of orthodontics. I only realized this in hindsight as my children have been complimented countless times about their smiles by friends, family, their dentist and oral surgeon. The before and after photos are amazing. Dr. Cardarelli shaped those smiles. It is his artistry blended with unmatched expertise and an engaging personality that make Dr. Cardarelli exceptional."

~Janet P. Schmid

"I have loved bringing both of my daughters to Dr. Cardarelli's office in Haverhill. My older daughter started her orthodontic treatment somewhere else but after several concerns with that office and at the recommendation of our dentist I switched her to Dr. Cardarelli. He has been great from the beginning even starting her treatment half way through he took the time to explain things and to make sure that the payment plan would line up with the one we were already used to. The staff is always friendly, greet us and know us by sight when we walk in. They are very helpful and are always available to answer any questions. When my younger daughter needed braces I didn't hesitate to bring her there as well."

~Anita Acevedo

"We have been going to Dr. Cardarelli for 10 years! Our oldest daughter needed a lot of jaw work before her braces even went on; then our second daughter was easier. Now in their late teens, they both have beautiful smiles that will always be a major contributor to their confidence as they move through life. Every experience, from scheduling appointments, sitting through adjustments, post appointment consultations to reasonable payment planning, was positive and friendly. The office staff and hygienists are very informative, and professional. My husband and I will recommend Dr. Cardarelli for years to come!"

~Sarah Mooshian

"Dr. Cardarelli and his entire staff are just superb! What a totally professional practice with all the added touches to make for a perfect experience. He truly knows how to win the youth over! Once the braces are off, what an amazing finished result. Our daughter's teeth are beautiful. Dr. Cardarelli came highly recommended by her dentist who is her godmother as the "best in the business". The results say it all! He earned the title! We have a compliant young lady who takes her retainers very seriously. She is that happy with her teeth! And, Your front desk staff is so accommodating with appointments to fit parents busy schedules. It is a team effort! Everyone is so warm and caring! Thanks to all for a great experience!"

~Linda Roope

"I have had three children treated by Dr. Cardarelli each with different issues. All of my children needed multiple hardware from palatal expanders to headgear. Although not a cheap venture to have three children in braces, it was well worth the money. Each of my children has beautiful teeth, all were attended to early so they got out of braces early, and any time I had an emergency we were seen right away. Once the Doctor himself came in on his vacation and opened the office to treat just my child. The staff was always very helpful and friendly. I really can't say enough about how good my experience was. I highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli for your child's orthodontic needs."

~Janice Lane

"When my oldest son's dentist recommended that we speak to an orthodontist, I heard good reviews about several doctors in my area. Since I decided to get braces at the same time as my son, I chose Dr. Cardarelli because of his experience working with adults as well as children. I am very pleased with the treatment that he had provided to my son and me. Upon entering his office, the setting was comfortable and inviting. His receptionists were very friendly and helpful when we needed to schedule appointments around our busy schedules. Dr. Cardarelli provided my son and me with orthodontic treatment that fit our individual needs. His orthodontic staff was thorough and knowledgeable. As an adult I had my own unique challenges with braces. Dr. Cardarelli made sure that my needs were met. The office was accommodating when I needed an urgent appointment. When my son or I had questions or concerns, Dr. Cardarelli listened and discussed them with us. I appreciate Dr. Cardarelli's patience and care. When the time came for my youngest two sons to get braces, I did not hesitate to return to Dr. Cardarelli. I knew that he would assess each of them and create a plan to meet their individual needs. Along the way, he and his staff would accommodate our schedule and their treatment needs. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff did not disappoint. My sons and I are very happy with their orthodontic treatment. Thank you, Dr. Cardarelli. You have given us better smiles. "

~Julie Pietrocarlo

"Dr Cardarelli and his staff are professional, courteous, and friendly. They make a difficult transition a pleasant experience. I wouldn't recommend any other orthodontist."

~Tina Plentzas

"We had a fantastic experience with Dr. Cardarelli and his amazing staff from the moment Max's braces were put on until they were removed. Dr. Cardarelli and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The process was flawless. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Cardarelli in the future. Thank you!! "

~Merideth Newman

"I am writing this to share my experiences with Dr. Joseph Cardarelli and his team. I have had the opportunity to be a patient of Dr. Cardarelli's twice, as a teen and then again as an adult. Dr. Cardarelli is a true professional as is his team. The focus is always on the patient who is greeted with a smile. The staff and Dr. Cardarelli are warm and friendly, patients are treated as individuals addressing their specific needs or concerns. As an adult my concerns were appearance and timeliness. Dr. Cardarelli addressed both. He did his best to make the braces as obscure as possible. The other concern of mine was time management, being a father of two young children and commuting to Boston everyday leaves little free time. Dr. Cardarelli and team were great about finding times that worked for me. As a teenager I also had Dr. Cardarelli as my orthodontist. From a teen point of view I never had a bad experience going to Dr. Cardarelli. He treated teens as young adults, he was respectful and told us what he was doing and explained it in a way that was easy to understand, he also has a great sense of humor and enjoyed joking around with us. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are very good keeping parents informed of their child's progress. They work with parents to ensure their child has the best care and are able to clearly explain the procedures their child is going through. I would strongly recommend using Dr. Cardarelli's office for your orthodontic needs. If considering another orthodontist, I would strongly suggest to at least meet with Dr. Cardarelli, it would be a wise investment. "

~Roy Walling

"I am a senior mechanical engineering student at UNH. I will soon be graduating with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. I made the decision to get braces last May in order to improve my smile. I found the advice and professionalism of Dr. Cardarelli and his wonderful staff to be top notch. My teeth now are straight and look great. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cardarelli to anyone, young or old, who is considering improving their smile."

~Sean O'Brien

"A couple of years ago, I had noticed that one of my front teeth was not aligned properly. It was quite a bit higher than the rest of my teeth. This bothered me quite a bit. I was extremely self-conscious when I smiled and hated every picture that I looked at of myself. I wanted to get it fixed, but I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't really feel like getting braces again. I had braces as a child, and I really didn't want to get them again now that I was in my thirties. I was talking to a family friend about the whole situation, and he told me "Go see Dr. Cardarelli!" I had never heard of him since I didn't grow up in the area. A couple of months went by, and I kept thinking about that tooth. I kept hearing "Go see Dr. Cardarelli!" So I decided to go online and check it out. When I went on Dr. Cardarelli's website there was an easy form that I was able to fill out to request an appointment. So, I filled the form out, and received a call back from them the same day. Dr. Cardarelli's staff seemed very friendly. So I was excited to see what he had to say. The day of my first appointment, I was surprised when I walked in the office. I remember being impressed with how nice everything was. I had never been in an office quite like this. The waiting room, was very nice and the staff was even nicer. When I sat down in the chair I remember being dead set on getting Invisalign. When Dr. Cardarelli came over he explained to me that the cheapest and quickest option would be traditional braces. He also explained why invisalign might not be the best option for me. I was a little disappointed because I knew that I didn't want traditional braces. I figured if this was the only option, I would leave that tooth the way it was. Dr. Cardarelli made me feel comfortable enough that I was able to express to him that I really really really didn't want traditional braces. Dr. Cardarelli put on his thinking cap and came up with a customized solution for me. He said he would make me a custom retainer with a clear hook that would help put that tooth back where it belonged. The retainer would be clear as well. This was perfect. I would wear the retainer most of the day, but had the ability to pop it out if I wanted to. It was genious. I didn't even bother going to get a second opinion from another orthodontist. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff were all so nice an accommodating. I knew that this was the place for me. "

~Dianne Arsenault

"I have been with Dr. Cardarelli for almost ten years now, from when I first started looking into orthodontics in fifth grade to now, a senior about to graduate college. To be honest, I don't know my parents' reason for originally choosing Dr. Cardarelli, but since middle school, I have consistently enjoyed going to his office. From the friendly front desk staff who always address me by name, to the clinical assistants asking about how I'm doing, and the Doctor himself, who has gone above and beyond not only making my teeth look fantastic, but making my time both in and out of his office terrific as well. On this note, my adventure into orthodontics hasn't been the easiest or most straightforward. I have had braces three times--the second time due to my own lack of wearing the retainer, which Dr. Cardarelli effectively corrected with a permanent retainer wire, and the third because of an incident that caused me to lose a tooth. With regard to this matter, I could not have asked for anything beyond the excellent care Dr. Cardarelli was able to provide. I go to college in Baltimore, and the health care around this area is world-renowned. Yet, I trusted Dr. Cardarelli so strongly that I flew home several times just so that he could treat my teeth, because I knew the high quality of his work and the importance of his steadfast work ethic. As if this wasn't complicated enough, I needed to travel to LA for an internship all while this was transpiring. While I couldn't be in his chair, Dr. Cardarelli personally referred me to an orthodontist out in LA who I saw while I was there. I was able to stay in contact with him while across country, and spoke with him many times to make sure all the work was going smoothly. Just recently, I have finally finished all of my orthodontic work (fingers crossed) and to say it looks amazing would be a vast understatement. I may not need to return to his office for some time, but when I do, I will actually look forward to it. How many doctors can you say that about? As a college student who goes to school outside of Massachusetts and someone who travels quite frequently, I have consistently been under strict, sometimes very stressful deadlines for trying to schedule appointments and have the orthodontic work performed. Nevertheless, Dr. Cardarelli and his staff have always been there. I know I can call them at any time, present them with any problem (probably to their dismay...) and they will take care of it, not simply completing the job to my satisfaction, but to an unparalleled standard of excellence. "

~Andrew Townson, age 22

"I'm very happy with the job that has been done on my teeth. The difference from before and now is very big. I appreciate what you have done for me. I look much better!"

~Naomi Diaz, age 12

"I never had braces when I as a child, until recently as an adult. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff were great from the very first visit. They were pleasant and ensured each visit was pleasant. I never thought I would actually look forward to the going to an Orthodontist! Everything was explained and all questions answered before and during the treatment. The office staff worked with my schedule and the wait time was never more than a few minutes. The end results were better than I could have imagined. "

~Russell Boivin

"I have known Dr. Cardarelli for thirty years. I was under his care when I had braces as a teenager. When the time came for my two children (Brett and Emily) to have orthodontic treatment, I immediately went to Dr. Cardarelli. His professionalism, personal care, and service are exceptional. Dr. Cardarelli and his staff go above and beyond by making his patients feel comfortable and welcome during each visit. In addition, the follow up care after an office visit from Dr. Cardarelli is genuine, individualized, personable, and reassuring. Last but not least, the end result of all of the hard work and support are beautiful smiles that last a lifetime! We could not be happier with the effort, care, service, and the "finished product". As I mentioned earlier, I was a patient of Dr. Cardarelli when I was a teenager and to this day my smile and dental health are great (in no small part due to his care and expertise). I am glad to recommend Dr. Cardarelli to anyone in need of orthodontic and/or dentofacial orthopedics. "

~Steve Greenberg

"My teeth were a complete disaster before I came here, but Dr. Cardarelli managed to fix them. During the process, he explained everything that was happening, was very careful, and created a good relationship with me. I couldn't have asked for a nicer person."

~Max Newman, Age 13

"I would personally like to thank Dr. Cardarelli for his amazing jobs on myself and family! He has given us all beautiful smiles from my mom (Sharon Carleton) to my children (Ayeshah and Noah Malhi) and from myself (Kimberly Malhi). He was able to fix all the different problems which were unique to each individual. He and his staff were very helpful and willing to work with us every step of the way. I am very happy with the work that was done and would encourage others to seek Dr. Cardarelli for orthodontic care. Thank you very Much!"

~Kimberly Malhi

"OUTSTANDING!! What else is there to say? When I first walked into Dr. Cardarelli's office, I felt welcome. The office is warm and inviting, that was my very first impression. Next, are the employees at the front desk; kind, caring, helpful, a fine well-oiled machine. From our first consultation, to our last retainer check, we were met with professional, nice, competent people. They went above and beyond! When I ran into a snag with paying my bill, they worked with me. just kind people!! Dr. Cardarelli was WONDERFUL! He is friendly, and kept me in the loop at every turn and also held the pace, so that my daughters' braces came off right within the time-frame that was given us at our consultation. You see, I have two children; girls. I was a fool and went to another orthodontist for my eldest child, and her teeth are still not right! With my youngest, we were cautious to say the least; however, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, happened as was planned on her consultation. So would I recommend Dr. Cardarelli and his staff? Of course, you would be a fool to see anyone else."

~Kellie Lowes

"We cannot thank Dr. Cardarelli and his staff enough for the care and attention they gave to us. My daughter and I were patients together. I had Invisalign while my daughter had traditional braces. Both courses were smooth and timely. For me, Invisalign was a perfect treatment option to correct some shifting. I am fully satisfied with the results. My daughter's smile is also as beautiful and perfect as she hoped, thanks to Dr. Cardarelli's vision and expertise. Our appointments were conveniently scheduled together and we looked forward to our visits. We received follow up calls and felt free to reach out to the entire staff with all our Orthodontic needs. My son is nearly ready to begin treatment and of course Dr. Cardarelli is our go to Orthodontist."

~Renee Sullivan

"From the very first day we walked into Dr Cardarelli's office, in December 2012, we knew it would be a challenging, different yet great experience. My first concern was the actual procedures and that my daughter, Jasmine, would feel comfortable at all times and then I worried about paying for it. All staff, both behind the doors and the front desk, both reception and billing were most helpful, informative, and always greeted us with a smile. I appreciated greatly those that handled billing, as they were knowledgeable about insurance and assisted me with how best to handle this large expense. Jasmine was very comfortable with the procedural staff at all her appointments and felt like they were friends to her. The setting was a fun place, TV's & music, making it comfortable for Jasmine at her appointments. They talked to her about the procedures they would be performing which was a comfort to her, as well. As a working mother, I appreciated the appointment reminder calls, which helped keep us in line and informed about upcoming appointments. As we got closer to the date for Jasmine to get her braces off, in September 2014, her anxiety level grew but again she was comforted by the staff's approach with her. Seeing the before and after pictures brought excitement for all of us and it truly was amazing to see her transformation. I am reminded every day when I see Jasmine, that Dr Cardarelli and his staff helped contribute to her gorgeous new smile. Thank you!"

~Liz Sanchez

"I would like to let others who are interested in obtaining braces for a loved one that I was extremely impressed with the physical appearance of your office the moment I walked in. Next, was the cleanliness of your office and dental area. I believe your office and dental areas should be the prototype for all dentists. Hospitals could also gain much insight as to how clean offices and hygiene areas should be. Then there was the comfort Andrew and I felt immediately by your staff and it was genuine. You're all very receptive to making sure all our questions and concerns were addressed. Thank you all for making this new experience a very good one. I would and will refer you to all my friends!"

~Jayne & Andrew Clark

"When I was treated by Dr Cardarelli 28 years ago, my teeth were a mess. I had an overbite, and was extremely self-conscious of my appearance. I thought I would have braces for about five years like other kids did my condition was so bad. Thanks to his treatment I was going into my 8th grade year with perfect teeth!! He removed my braces right before school pictures. During that year and a half, his upbeat and fun attitude made me feel comfortable and anxious to follow his orders in getting my teeth straight. He approached you with a very positive greeting all the time and always made sure you were doing well during and after my visit. I am pleased to say that with his professional experience, my son and I both have wonderful teeth thanks to our treatment from Dr Cardarelli. Thanks again."

~Josh Phillips

"Thank you for "straightening" out our daughters smile! I have been thoroughly impressed with the work of Dr. Caradarelli and his team from our first consult throughout our almost 5 years of treatment. My daughter started her treatment in the 2nd grade and completed 2 days before she turned 12. She had early treatment which was an important part of the process to fix her front teeth, she wore braces for a few months to eliminate any future problems, damage and improve her appearance. Her treatment progressed over the years as her permanent teeth came in and we could not be happier with the end result. While Dr Cardarelli's office was busy each time my daughter had an appointment she was always treated as if she were the most important patient in the office! The staff is helpful and pleasant to work with throughout scheduling, schedule changes and the occasional emergency appointment. I highly recommend Dr Cardarelli and his amazing team so much that our 2nd child will be starting the process soon! I wish all medical offices were run with the high quality and highly regarded customer service standards. Thank you!"

~Tiffany Currie

"As a parent of two of Dr Cardarelli's orthodontic patients I can say that my son's have received the best care that I could've asked for. When my oldest needed a palate expander, Dr. Cardarelli not only called us that evening to check on Ryan and how he was doing but also gave us his personal phone line for us to call if he had any problems or questions. The office is very kid friendly, impeccably clean and comfortable. The staff is amazingly helpful and understanding. Payment plans, appointments, cancellations are all handled professionally and with a lot of consideration and understanding from the office staff. With my second son just finishing his orthodontic treatment and for the remaining three that still have it in their future, I have an easy feeling knowing that they too will have a great experience coming to Dr. Cardarelli when it is their turn to do so."

~ Colleen Gavin

"Thank you so much to Dr. Cardarelli and his wonderful team of assistants. I love my new smile! Everyone in the office is so friendly and welcoming. I actually enjoyed coming to my appointments!! I felt that my treatment was tailored to my specific condition and needs with state-of-the art professional care. Thank you for helping me achieve such a beautiful smile. You are all just the best!"

~ Melissa Gaspar

"I just wanted to once again send a short note to say thank you so very much for the care you provided for Dan! It is so very much appreciated! Honestly, when he is home from school on break and needs an appointment, you tell him to stop on in. What other doctor does that?! The professionalism, standard of care, and of course the family atmosphere of the office is in my opinion second to none.
Dan and I just wanted to say how thankful we are for such a great doctor and staff! Again, thank you so very much!"

~ Lori Cormier and Dan

"I just finished up with my third child's orthodontic treatment at Dr. Cardarelli's. From my first child to my third, I couldn't have been happier with all aspects of the care my daughters received. Any appointment of its kind can be tedious but the staff at Dr. Cardarelli's makes you feel as comfortable and welcome as possible starting with a warm smile as soon as you walk in the door of the office. The technicians even take care to make sure your child is entertained in their impressive procedure rooms while they are being treated.
The waiting room is unlike any other doctor's office I have ever been to. It is beautifully decorated and feels more like a living room than a doctor's office. There is plenty of seating and even a TV for waiting parents, or you can drop your child off and the amazing women behind the desk can let you know when you should return to pick him/her up. All this is great but the real reason you choose Dr. Cardarelli above any other Orthodontist is because of the results. Everyone who treats with Dr. Cardarelli walks out with a million dollar smile. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my child's smile :)"

~ Sherri Foresta

"It's been a month since I've gotten my braces off and I LOVE my new smile! I'm usually quite nervous when going to the dentist but I can honestly say Dr. Cardarelli & Staff were very welcoming and made me feel at ease right from the first visit down to the last."
"Dr. Cardarelli, you are the best and I can't thank you enough. You all are the greatest most comforting people I've ever dealt with and you are all amazing at what you do! You always made me feel welcome, reassured me of what you would be doing ahead of time and were always there for me without notice, if and when I needed you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the beautiful smile you've given me! It's been a long time coming."

~ Dawn Marks

"I was first a patient of Dr. Cardarelli and team in 2000. I am so glad that my dentist referred me as I couldn't be happier with my experience. Dr. Cardarelli, his assistants, and the front office staff are the nicest and make coming to see them very pleasant. They go out of their way to be helpful, make appointments around your schedule and file all the insurance paperwork. As an adult patient I am also quite grateful for the special attention, so that I don't get lost in-and-among the middle-schoolers."

~ Ellen Murphy

"When deciding on Orthodontists for my youngest daughter the list of "approved Orthodontists" was long. Choosing would not be easy. There are so many qualified Orthodontists in the Merrimack Valley, but of course qualifications are not the only thing a mom is looking for is it? I needed to not only be comfortable with the practice; I needed my daughter to be comfortable too. Convenience matters, but I had to have complete confidence in the practice as a whole. Let's be honest, I was investing my next three years vacations in my child's mouth! Dr. Cardarelli and his staff deliver on all fronts. The office is warm and inviting, the staff is great, the financing is great (not all of us have fabulous Dental Plans). Dr. Cardarelli talked us through all the steps and I never had to wonder what was going on, he was always there to answer questions, you even get his personal phone number for emergencies. I recommend him to anyone and everyone who asks. Now that her braces are off, I keep asking her to smile at me. I think I am driving her nuts, but I just can't stop looking at that gorgeous smile!"

~ Cate King

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff have made getting braces a positive experience for both of my children. From the beginning everyone was friendly, kind and very professional. Both kids look fantastic now after getting their braces off. Thank you to all!"

~ Sandra Lieto

"I've worked in the dental field for over 20 years and was always impressed with Dr. Cardarelli's dental results. Naturally, when it came time to have orthodontic treatment for our 2 boys, there was only one choice! From the very first visit to his office, we felt welcomed. We were impressed with his competent staff and their professionalism."

"Dr Cardarelli, his chairside assistants and his office staff communicate clearly with treatment plans so you know what to expect! They answered all our questions. Everyone is truly committed to excellence. We have had optimal results for both of our sons. Thank you everyone for a great experience!"

~ Kathleen Hayes

"Dr. Cardarelli and his amazing staff have been caring for me since 1992. I'm now 33 and I still visit yearly to have my teeth checked and retainers adjusted, I won't go anywhere else. Today I visited to pick-up new clear retainers; they're wonderful I'm in love. During my visit I expressed concerns over a few spaces between my teeth, Dr. Cardarelli made certain that my retainers were customized to satisfy my concerns. bye bye spaces! The office is sparkling clean; EVERYONE is pleasant, courteous and pretty. They greet you by name upon entering. I could go on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~Kalila Foster

"My daughter has been going to Dr. Cardarelli and his team for almost 5 years. The entire group has never been less than friendly, kind and accommodating at every point. They were supportive and encouraging when she needed to wear her retainer more and she now has a beautiful, confident smile to show for it! I recommend them without reservation."

~ Joan and Angela Patriakeas

"Wow! What a great experience I had with Dr. Cardarelli and his staff. Everyone there made a solid effort to get to know me personally. Dr. Cardarelli, his assistants, and front-desk staff were all super pleasant and enthusiastic about their work. I felt right at ease with their compassion and friendliness. My teeth straightened beautifully and I am so thrilled with the outcome. Everyone did such a great job. I just got my braces off but I would totally get them again-my experience was that great! Thanks "Dr. C. and gang!""

~ Rob Sheikhabdou

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff provide the best care around. It’s so refreshing to visit a Dr.'s office and feel that all your needs are being met. Dr. Cardarelli's main concern is that his patients are comfortable and happy. Any issues I had were taken care of quickly and professionally. My results are better than I had hoped for and I'm so happy with my new smile."

~ Danielle Coppola

"I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to Dr. Cardarelli and his Staff. The office is elegant and cozy. The staff is friendly and professional. Everyone's first concern was the final result of my sons Alex's smile.
"Thank you all for a positive experience! I know because I switched from where my daughter had her braces done."

~ Mitzi Skinner

"My daughter's teeth are beautiful thanks to all of you. Your office and staff were a pleasure to work with and did a great job explaining each and every procedure. We will definitely utilize your services with our next 2 daughters. Thank you for everything!"

~ Kelly J. Shanahan, Esq

"My family has been with Dr. Cardarelli for about eight years. Both kids got braces from him and we are all very pleased with the results. Dr. Cardarelli continues to be very professional and polite during all the children's appointments. The staff is super friendly and highly qualified as well."
"Thank you Dr. Cardarelli for putting beautiful smiles on my kids faces!

~ The Varney Family

"Thank you so much for your expertise and kindness in helping my son Mark through the entire Invisalign process. It went so well with not a single bump in the road! Mark was made comfortable knowing what each step would be along the way and never complained of any discomfort. Because he was in college, scheduling could have been challenging, but your staff did a great job fitting him in late on Friday or early Monday. Every one could not have been nicer.
Mark's teeth look GREAT! We are so pleased with the end result and right on time, no less! Please pass along our thanks to the entire staff. We’ll be sure to encourage any friends in need of an orthodontist to see you! Thanks again!"

~ Nancy Gallant

"Undergoing braces for a second time as an adult was nerve-wracking. Dr. Cardarelli was able to work with me to make this decision both financially affordable and one that I will never regret. Dr. Cardarelli and his entire staff were exceptional and made seven months fly by. I cannot express how happy I am to finally have the confidence to smile. Thank you Dr. Cardarelli and for everything you've done for me, I'm forever grateful!"

~ Lisa Allen

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff went so far above and beyond in making sure every aspect of our care was top-notch. The care and effort of the entire team is genuine and unmatched. Dr. Cardarelli takes a profound, personal interest in making sure that all of his patients have everything they need, no matter the date or the time. We cannot recommend Dr. Cardarelli and his team highly enough!"

~ Mr. Michael Grassi and family

"We first met Dr. Cardarelli when my daughter was a teenager seeing another orthodontist. Her brace progress was going very slowly. We consulted with Dr. Cardarelli and decided to switch offices. From that moment on Dr. Cardarelli was extremely helpful in moving her braces to completion. We subsequently had our youngest daughter see him and her progress with her braces was wonderful. I have also just finished with Dr. Cardarelli Invisalign which worked to straighten some of my own teeth."
"Through all of our dealings with Dr. Cardarelli he was so professional and personable. He is wonderful with children and adults as well. I also cannot say enough about his office staff from the receptionists to the technicians. They are all very pleasant and knowledgeable."
"I would highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli for any orthodontic needs."

~ Celeste S

"Dr. Joe Cardarelli has been my children 's orthodontist for the past 9 years. All 3 of my kids (ranging in ages from 12-19) have had various types of treatments from spreaders and head gear to retainers and braces. Our experience has been nothing short of outstanding! All 3 children are now out of braces and their teeth look great! Besides Dr. Cardarelli 's expert skills as an orthodontist, he truly cares about his patients. Whether it is the follow up phone calls after a long procedure or just taking the time to explain what is going on with your child, it is evident he truly cares about his patients. Also, I can 't say enough about the office staff. They are helpful, friendly, professional and accommodating. They offered flexible payment schedules which were very helpful with 3 kids in treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Joe Cardarelli to anyone in need of orthodontic care."

~ Sal Napoli

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are absolutely the best!"
"I brought my son and daughter to see Dr. Cardarelli for a consultation and knew immediately it was a great decision. I had gone to four other orthodontic consultations before Dr. Cardarelli was recommended to me. His staff is top notch and a pleasure to see at every appointment. The communication process on treatment is flawless. I was so pleased with how my children were treated and the beautiful smiles Dr. Cardarelli made possible, I too decided to get my teeth straightened."
"Dr. Cardarelli was honest and realistic on what work needed to be done and he explained not only the cosmetic benefits but also the preventative care it would create long term. I am truly appreciative of Dr. Cardarelli and his team and can honestly say that my children and I have a great new smiles and have made great new friends along the way."

~ Kevin Murphy

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire group at Dr Cardarelli's office. Under Dr. Cardarelli 's direction, the folks here made me feel well cared for. When I first went for a consult with Dr Cardarelli, as an adult, I was very unsure of getting braces. My bottom teeth, and how they appeared when I smiled, always made me feel self conscious. After my consult, I felt more confident with the entire staff, and I just knew it would be a success. Not intending to do anything with my top teeth, Dr. Cardarelli convinced me, and made it affordable, to do both the top and bottom, because he knew I would be very happy with the results. I did have braces as a child (at 11 or 12), and although my teeth were perfect after 4 years of wearing braces, I didn 't follow through with wearing my retainers, as I should have. Lesson learned for this time around. I am so ecstatic with the results, and cannot thank you all enough!!!"

~ Debbie McGarr

"We cannot believe that we have had THREE children go through Dr. Cardarelli 's office, with two of them already in college. We have been so happy with the office!! Everyone was always so nice and accommodating, even when it was our fault that we were late or missed an appointment. All of their teeth look fabulous! Thanks again for many years of being part of our family! We wouldn 't have chosen any other orthodontist for our kids!"

~ Stan and Maria Firek

"We shopped for the right Orthodontist for our 10 year-old daughter. We chose Dr. Cardarelli's office because we believed his proposed strategy was tried and true and his pricing was equivalent to the alternative doctor. After only 5 months into treatment, my daughter's progress has exceeded everyone's expectations. We averted tooth extractions (which would have then required a longer treatment in braces) and are looking at a potentially shortened timeframe. Everyone in his office is professional and caring."
"Although the alternative orthodontist was more convenient geographically, the care and results we are seeing make the extra 10 minute drive very much worth it. Thank you all at Team Cardarelli!"

~ Juliana Hale

"When the time came several years ago for my eldest daughter to see an orthodontist, the choice was clear that we would visit Dr. Cardarelli's office for a consultation, after all he had done my braces for me years ago! Every member of Dr. Cardarelli's staff is very professional and courteous. They are always willing to accommodate the needs of the patient and their family when scheduling appointments. I was always amazed when Dr. Cardarelli would personally call to check on my daughters after they had a procedure done during their treatment that might have caused them some extra discomfort, and to make sure that they were doing alright or offer suggestions to make them more comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli and his staff to anyone looking for orthodontic care. Now after eight years of visiting this office with my daughters, I have two girls with extra beautiful smiles! I can't thank them enough."

~ Julia Hills

"I could not have been happier with the care my son Brayden received. In less than sixteen months, his crossbite was corrected and his teeth look amazing! Both Dr. Cardarelli and his staff took the time to explain the procedures to us and put us at ease. It was truly the best treatment and it was hassle free. I was also a patient of Dr. Cardarelli over 20 years ago and the service is exactly what I expected. We are very happy with the results and the level of care received."

~ Cara Seaman

"I'd like to share my experience with Dr. Cardarelli and his staff. I recently got my braces off and I couldn't be happier. This is my second time with braces due to shifting of my teeth from grinding at night. When I was considering getting them again their was no doubt that I would return to see Dr. C. The staff in the office is great all the girls are so nice! I work with the public and recommend them regularly. Thank you again for giving me back my smile!"

~ Danielle Paquette

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are AMAZING! I am always impressed with their service. The staff is very professional and friendly. They are always efficient and on time. I was very nervous to get work done on my teeth but they have made my experience wonderful. They are all very kind and have made my experience great. I would recommend them to anyone!"

~ Rosanne Erazo

"Today was a great day at Dr Cardarelli's office, but somehow I think there are many great days in his practice. I never asked him if I was his "most mature" patient, but somehow I think I just might be. My circumstances were different from his younger patients, but certainly I did not seem to be a challenge at all, and he certainly was right - not that I doubted he wouldn't be. I was given my "Congratulations" chocolate candy bar today and left with my new smile too. Never have I enjoyed candy as much as today. I cannot begin to thank him for the professionalism, expertise, and confidence he relays to his patients, his wonderful professional, courteous, and friendly front desk staff, to his entire skilled, experienced assistants, (thanks Danielle for the beginning of my experience, and Angela for all my in-between visits and being there with the pliers and scrapers in the end for the unveiling); I will forever be sincerely grateful and appreciative of the care I received. "As good as it gets" for sure! Unquestionably, a superb practice - Thank you!"

~ Jan McGee

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are exceptional! Both my sister and I have had braces done with them and are extremely pleased with our new smiles. The staff is always friendly, providing excellent care."

~ Isabela Peixoto

"I brought my son and daughter to Dr. Cardarelli's Orthodontics office after being referred by my good friend, Janet. Both of Janet's children went to Dr. Cardarelli when they needed braces and I knew their teeth looked beautiful."
"My son was diagnosed with a deep bite and needed some straightening on the upper and lower teeth. He spent about 18 months in braces and the results were wonderful. However, it was not only the great physical results that have left a good impression on me. It was the overall experience at the office too. At every visit we were always met with a friendly and helpful staff, no matter who was behind the desk or on the other side of the orthodontic chair. Dr. Cardarelli was pleasant and informative during all aspects of the treatment plan. All of my questions, whether in the office or over the phone were answered promptly and thoroughly. Dr. Cardarelli was personable and kind to my son, always remarking on their mutual love of European sports cars. The experience really put Kole at ease and made the time fly by!"
"My daughter's case was a little more involved and to put it bluntly, her teeth were a real mess. She began with headgear and a retainer before braces. She had to have teeth pulled in order to make room. It was a long process, but again, I have nothing but good things to say about it. And, I believe, my daughter would agree. During the whole time of treatment we were always met with a professional and helpful staff. Dr. Cardarelli had a clear cut plan for helping my daughter and he always kept both of us informed throughout all the steps of the procedure. Dr. Cardarelli was kind and encouraging to my daughter and even though her process was long, it was well worth the wait. Her before and after pictures are amazing and so was the quality of care she received. She smiles so easily now and is so proud of her beautiful teeth."
"I would certainly recommend Dr. Cardarelli and his team to anyone looking for orthodontic work. They are thorough, professional and skilled. I was impressed with everything about this experience and believe my children received the best care possible. I truly thank everyone at Dr. Cardarelli's office for such terrific results."

~ Samantha Kosakowski

"Thank you so much for the orthodontic treatment over the last few years… the result is perfect! When I look at the mirror, I am still amazed at the transformation to my teeth. I never thought such improvement would be possible. I am very happy with my teeth and I can now chew and smile with confidence! Thanks again."

~ Roza Khan

"This testimonial is in reference to the incredible care and service received by my daughter Sydney Cochrane from your office. From day one of the process Sydney was made to feel comfortable and involved. For my wife and I as parents, this really helped us soften the blow of getting braces. As time and more appointments passed, the progress of her teeth started to really become visible. Through encouragement from the staff and us, Sydney became obsessed with caring for her teeth with braces. Every time she had an adjustment or check up, the staff continued to praise her great job of brushing. Her words were, "if Dr. Cardarelli is going to put so much time and effort into making my teeth perfect, it's my job to keep them clean."

"Sydney's experience has been nothing short of perfect, not to mention how beautiful her teeth looked after her braces were removed. My experience with the office, staff, Dr. Cardarelli, and you Linda, has also been perfect. You guys are always professional, polite, on time, and informative. On several occasions the assistants took extra time to answer our questions. All told you have an incredible office and should be proud of your hard work. My wife and I look forward to the same great care with our younger daughter Emma. I would jump at the chance to recommend your office to anyone seeking Orthodontic care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

~ The Cochrane Family

(Greg, Stacey, Sydney, and soon Emma)

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff have worked with three of our children and I would recommend him to anyone. His staff is friendly and attentive to the needs of the patients and their families. We were always treated with respect and professionalism. Dr. Cardarelli would always check in with the parents, even on the most routine appointments. He clearly cares about his patients and their families and was always willing to take whatever time was necessary to explain and answers questions. What we found very impressive was how Dr. Cardarelli would always personally call the house in the evening to check on our children whenever a significant procedure took place. His attention to detail and caring manner make him the best option for your orthodontic needs."

~ Tim and Meg Miller

"Most of my life I have been embarrassed by my smile. When I finally was able to afford to go to an orthodontist as an adult he told me I needed extensive, extremely expensive surgery and I decided it wasn't worth it. I waited ten years and went back to the same person hoping maybe new technology was available that would make the surgery unnecessary. It was the same outcome."
"After much thought, I made up my mind that I really wanted my teeth fixed before I was 50 and decided to ask my dentist before I committed to surgery. Not sure why I didn't ask him before but he immediately recommended I check in with Dr. Cardarelli. I made an appointment right away and as soon as I walked into the office I was so impressed. The office it extremely bright, clean, and fun. The desk receptionists were all friendly and put me right at ease. They answered my endless questions about billing and paperwork with patience and humor. Then I was brought to treatment area and was even more impressed. A television at every station, bright colors, modern technology, game room, and all extremely clean!"
"After being shown around the area I met Dr. Cardarelli. His energy and passion are apparent right away. He was very knowledgeable and told me exactly what he could do for me without surgery, in a way that I could easily understand and clearly explained the results I would achieve. I decided right then and there that I would become a patient and it's been an incredible journey. I know the kids (mine included) complain about orthodontic pain but I can tell you first hand it is nearly painless in the hands of these professionals. As an adult in the treatment area, sitting right there in the action, I can also tell you each patient whether child or adult, is treated exceptionally well. Young children, wow are they young these days, are comforted and helped by the entire staff back there. After a couple of years of treatment everyone in that office has come to feel like family. They know me when I call, know where I'm going on vacation, and tell me their stories as well. My results from treatment are even more exceptional than I could ever have dreamed of. When my braces came off I actually cried. It is absolutely amazing to feel free to smile, and be proud!"
"My only regret is I waited so long. Love you all!"

~ Teresa Schmidt

"We can not say enough about how happy we are with the results of both Madison and Stone. We started with Madison a couple years back after you were recommended by our dentist. From the consultation to today's visit for her last retainer check, we have been impressed with how smoothly everything went for Madison to have such a gorgeous smile. Stone ended up having a little more with the palate expander and pulling of a tooth and have been so pleased with that care. He looks so handsome with his new smile!"
"The kindness that you have shown to each of them, including the personal calls from you to make sure each of them were feeling good after the braces (and palate expander), have been more then we could have expected from an orthodontist. You and the staff, both in the patient area and waiting area, have been amazing to work with. Having the option for a payment plan has helped us tremendously and the ease of scheduling appointments and rescheduling appointments has be exceptional, along with the kindness shown at check in and check out times. The care the kids receive when in the patient area has been fun for them and they were always very well taken care of. When needing to talk with us for the care (before, during, and after) we were impressed with the kindness shown in their care and with how things were explained. When we are asked who the kids go to, we are always so satisfied to say that we see you! Thank you so much for taking such great care of both Madison and Stone. Thank you so much for their beautiful smiles!!"

~ Liz and Neil Butler

"I was referred to Dr. Cardarelli by a colleague back in 2009. After visiting several orthodontic offices, I knew this was the one for me. I was immediately at ease with the staff, who treated me as an adult, which can be unusual for orthodontic offices that generally cater more towards children than young professionals. I was given several treatment options, and chose to get braces to correct some misaligned teeth, followed by retainers to keep them in place."
"Dr. Cardarelli and his amazing team made each visit pleasant, and they were readily available each and every time I had an issue. They even made me special retainers that could withstand nighttime teeth grinding!"
"Visits to the office were different from other places I'd visited in the area. They have televisions at every chair and headphones if you'd like to listen to your chosen show. I recently had to go back for a new retainer, and was happy to see the team again. It was so nice catching up with the staff I asked to leave the TV off just so I could hear how everyone is doing. I would certainly recommend Dr. Cardarelli to anyone looking for orthodontic care. He and his team treat everyone (of every age) with courtesy and respect, and they greet you with a smile – and won't let you leave without one! Oh, and speaking of smiles, I love showing mine off now that it's a Cardarelli grin!"

~ Katie Tylus

"As I walked through the parking lot for my consultation appointment, I overheard a woman reassuring a patient that he was making a great choice. She was telling him that she LOVES coming here and that the Dr. and staff are simply unbelievable. Since I was VERY apprehensive about getting braces, this was a terrific thing to hear on my way in. And, she was so right! My experience has been wonderful. Getting braces as an adult is a tough thing, at least it was for me. Dr. Cardarelli and the staff were so professional and compassionate. I was very nervous and skeptical about my decision to go ahead with braces."
"Dr. Cardarelli called me at home the first night after I had them put on, to see if I was doing alright. I knew then I was going to be okay! My braces came off yesterday, my smile is back and I could not be happier. Furthermore, my saint of a husband, who endured my more than occasional whining during my treatment, is now scheduled to get braces himself. Now that is a testimonial!!!"
Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are the very best and I will be forever grateful for their compassion and my spectacular outcome."

~ Barbara Jordan

"It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you to say I am so happy to have met you professionally, and to say that your care and concern for me was beyond expectations."
"I congratulate you and your entire staff for the excellence your practice provided and the incredible dedication and treatment I received. You excel in perfection as well as having the skill to achieve it."
"I am so delighted with my new look. Thank you ALL again!!"

~ Irene Picotte

"Unbelievable! I was always terrified of the dentist. When I was told I needed braces for a major overhaul in my "bite" I was equally terrified. Not only am very comfortable with each and every visit for my adjustments at Dr. Cardarelli's. I am no longer afraid of the dentist. The results have been AMAZING! My teeth look fabulous. I get the braces off in a few weeks! So exciting. Most of all, the entire staff become good friends to their patient population. A very happy group of people the have a great synergy about them and their work ethic. The best group of people EVERRRRR! Dr. C? The most down to earth and nicest man you will ever meet. Best thing I ever did. My smile is fabulous!"

~ Lisa Greico

"Dr. Cardarelli is awesome! Even though I was a transfer patient, he did so great while finishing my treatment. I'm so happy to have my braces off! Thank you so much Dr. Cardarelli :-)"

~ Kary Delarosa

"I was referred to Dr. Cardarelli many years ago when my sister's son was a patient of Dr. Cardarelli. Well, my nephew is now 23 and still has the most amazing smile. So when it came time for my 2 kids to get braces, I knew exactly where I was headed."
"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are amazing. They take a personal interest in the welfare of your child. It's not only a dental appointment, it's more. Dr. Cardarelli truly shows an interest in his patients and communicates clearly the steps of care he will perform. He consults with parents after each appointment and there is no question that he truly cares. His front desk girls are amazing and welcoming. The clinical staff is efficient and kind. His office is spotless, comfortable and colorful."
"Though both of my children's treatments are complete, I have had such a great experience that whenever someone asks for a reference there is no hesitation as to where I would recommend, always Dr. Cardarelli. For me the drive from Fremont, NH was never an issue because I knew I was getting the best dental care for my children."

~ Carol Weymouth

"I can’t believe how long it’s been since that first day I walked into Dr. Cardarelli’s office."
"Twenty five years ago I moved up to Plaistow and I knew I needed to find a new orthodontist, but I was very nervous. Since I was in fifth grade to adulthood I only saw one orthodontist and that was Dr. DiStasio. As you can surmise I spent many days and years in his office. I decided to give Dr. Cardarelli a chance and I’m so glad I did. The first day I went to the office, the staff was so warm and friendly. Then I met Dr. Cardarelli and all my fears went away, he just made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The more we talked I found out that he studied under Dr. DiStasio, what a small world."
"The years have passed and I continue to be treated by Dr. Cardarelli. My children have also been his patients. Whenever I am asked for an orthodontist recommendation I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Cardarelli. The staff is so pleasant and very easy to work with. Just the other day I pulled into the parking lot as he was leaving. He stopped, got out of his car and we consulted about an issue I was having right there. He then sent me upstairs to the office for treatment. He never hesitates to go that extra mile for his patients. I can’t say enough good things about him and his practice. I am so happy for having walked into that office twenty five years ago. Thanks for all that you have done and all that you continue to do."

~ Jackie Caraglia

"Our family has recently completed our second (and final) course of treatment with Dr. Cardarelli and his team. My children, Alli (13) and Matt (15) both had a wonderful experience and the results are amazing."
"The quality of care and service provided by Dr. Cardarelli and his staff was above and beyond. Everyone was always courteous, supportive, knowledgeable and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cardarelli to any family or friends in need of treatment."

~ Doreen, Gary, Matt and Alli Sidell

"I had braces as a teenager, but over the years my teeth shifted. I became self-conscious about my smile, but braces seemed like a "young person's thing". I finally scheduled a consultation with Dr. Cardarelli, and after he thoroughly explained my options we decided on traditional braces."
"The office staff is so friendly and caring, and Dr. Cardarelli is a highly skilled orthodontist. I was pleased to see so many other adults coming to him for treatment. Now my teeth look beautiful. I wish I had come to Dr. Cardarelli twenty years ago! I highly recommend him to all ages."

~ Karen Cronin

"My two daughters have been treated for their orthodontic needs by Dr. Cardarelli beginning in 2010 with my oldest, and lasting until 2017 with my youngest. During this time we have come to know the doctor and his staff very well. They have been most professional, kind, and caring. I would recommend Dr. Cardarelli and his fabulous staff to everyone!"
"It's going to seem odd for us not to come to the office every six weeks, now that the braces have come off my youngest, because they've been a part of our lives for so long! The girls' teeth are beautiful and we want to thank Dr. Cardarelli and all of the wonderful people involved in shaping their lovely smiles!"

~ Sandy Gurczak

"I will never forget the first time I brought my daughter Ava Spencer in to be evaluated for braces. At seven you can imagine the trepidation she felt at the thought of wearing a foreign object in her mouth. The staff had a wonderful way of connecting, quickly alleviating her fears and self- consciousness."
"Ava quickly adjusted to everything and the staff continued to be wonderful and caring through the many visits that followed throughout the years. Today Ava has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Cardarelli and his entire staff. As for Ava, she told me she loves her smile!!! I want to thank everyone for their sensitive and diligent professionalism."

~ Julie Belmer Spencer

"Dr. Cardarelli and his team are beyond amazing! My wedding was in 9 months and I wanted my teeth to be fixed before the big day. Dr. Cardarelli promised me that he would have my braces off just before the wedding. Not only did he keep his promise to me, he exceeded my expectations. My braces were off in 5 months and my teeth look beautiful! Every time I went to the office I was greeted by smiles and friendly faces. Dr. Cardarelli and his team really care about their patients and it shows the moment you walk through the door."
"When you're a patient of Dr. Cardarelli's you are treated like family. I would highly recommend Dr. Cardarelli and his team to anyone and everyone!"

~ Alyssa O'Neil

"I had to move unexpectedly during my orthodontic treatment and was very nervous about finding a new doctor and how it would affect my progress. I contacted many orthodontists in my area and many would not accept transfers, which definitely caused some panic. Thankfully, I was able to schedule consultations with a handful of doctors and Dr. Cardarelli's office was one of them. After my consultation I felt like this would be the best place to continue my treatment. I was impressed with the welcoming and knowledgeable staff and Dr. Cardarelli had the experience and qualifications I was hoping to find in a new doctor. I ended up canceling my other consultations and began treatment shortly after. My experience has been phenomenal. I often had to bring one or both of my young children and the staff was always accommodating and caring with them. They were just as well taken care of as I was. As a busy mom, I really appreciated this, and it eased my mind knowing my kids would be welcomed here when they came."
"I really couldn't have imagined my transition to go as smoothly as it did. I was pleased with my previous doctor, but I was even more comfortable and confident in the team at Dr. Cardarelli's office. I am so excited about my new smile and although I am happy to be done with braces, I will certainly miss my time here!"

~ Christine Hall

"This is undoubtedly the friendliest, most pleasant, and wonderful group of people I have ever dealt with. Both of my grown children were patients of Dr. Cardarelli's as well as my daughter-in-law and her siblings. So many of my family members and their children have also been patients here."
"Dr. Cardarelli is definitely the best there is! It took a long time coming but at 58 years of age I finally felt it was time to do something for me. So glad I made the decision to get braces again. I was very nervous but the girls and Dr. Cardarelli couldn't have been more caring and kind. They have such a wonderful way of putting you right at ease about any worries you may have. They also do a spectacular job. I'm so very happy with my new smile! Can't thank you all enough, especially Diane who was there for my first appointment and my last. I'm going to miss seeing you all on a regular basis."

~ Karen Cole

"The staff is so young and nice and educated and the office itself is extremely impressive. I had been to multiple other orthodontists who wanted to do very risky surgery and break my jaw. Dr. Cardarelli took a much more holistic approach and was very proactive and my teeth have responded beautifully. I had a horrible underbite, crossbite, and many crooked teeth, just about every problem in the book! They took on the challenge and I will be forever grateful for them."
"Don’t waste your time trying anywhere else, I promise they are the best of the best. I would give them 6 stars if I could!!"

~ Jamie Towns

"Dr. Cardarelli and his staff are unquestionably the best choice out there for orthodontic care. I was a patient in this office 25 years ago and since then my sisters, nephews, nieces and now my own children have been treated by Dr. Cardarelli and his staff."
"I can attest the quality of work and ethics of this office have not swayed at all over the years. Dr. Cardarelli has treated not just misaligned teeth but has also addressed tongue, speech and lip issues that have dramatically benefited my children. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the quality and commitment of treatment they have provided to my family over the last several years."

~ Jill Lennox

"While refereeing a hockey game early in the morning I got hit by the puck on my upper lip and teeth. I went to the emergency room for stitches and was referred to my dentist who determined that I had a subluxation of my tooth and then was urgently referred to Dr. Cardarelli for orthodontic care. He saw me right away and was able to realign my tooth that day. He then saw me again the next day to make a retainer to hold my tooth in place."
"I am so thankful for the excellent care that I received and how quickly Dr. Cardarelli took care of my dental injury. Thank you!"

~ Tom Madden

National Ice Hockey Official